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Certified Court Interpreter

Certified translation must be an exact translation of the source document and it must be certified by translator's signature in order to be accepted by the courts and the authorities.

The Croatian Ministry of Justice has issued "The Regulation on Court Appointed Interpreters" (Official Gazette no. 88/08) which outlines the requirements to be met in order to carry out the job of a court appointed interpreter:

  • a court appointed interpreter translates/interprets upon request by the courts, government bodies, legal entities or citizens, spoken or written texts from Croatian into a foreign language, from a foreign language into Croatian or from one foreign language into another.
  • a person can be appointed as a court interpreter if he/she has a University degree, has a complete knowledge of an appropriate foreign language and the language in the official use, and possesses a satisfactory level of general and legal knowledge.
  • once the preceding conditions have been met and the court interpreter has been appointed for a period of four years (with a possibility of being reappointed upon the expiration of the four-year period), the newly-appointed court interpreter is recorded in the files of the County or Commercial court and is required to register his/her name, signature and seal.
  • translations produced by a court interpreter are official documents and court interpreters are liable for the quality of their translations.


  • birth/death certificates
  • marriage certificates
  • death certificates
  • clearance certificates
  • school reports
  • diplomas
  • statements of income
  • work permits
  • bank statements
  • certificate of residence
  • purchase, sale and other agreements
  • rulings
  • •udgements
  • legal acts
  • apostilles
  • certificates of incorporation
  • legal reports
  • statistical reports
  • audit reports
  • balance sheets
  • contracts
  • invoices
  • tender documentation
  • statutes
  • patent documentation
  • attestations
  • medical reports etc.