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CAT Tools

Following the latest trends which treat translation memories as an imperative and standard in translation industry, LEKTOR uses SDL Trados, the most widespread translation memory which holds 70% of global market share, memoQ, Memsource and Wordbee.

The aim of TM is to:

  • speed up translation process by reusing previously translations, thus enabling terminological consistency which is of vital importance for translating technical content.
  • enable website localization as a CAT tool enables translation of textual parts without disrupting HTML tags.
  • enable software localization as a CAT extracts translatable content (menus, windows and messages), without disrupting other parts of the software.

 A CAT tool is a computer programme which aids and facilitates translation by:

  • segmenting the source text into translation units in order to facilitate and speed up the translation process.
  • saving both source and target text, thus creating one translation unit. It is always possible to return to the previously translated segment and check the translation. A CAT tool is equipped with special functions which facilitate navigation within the text and aid in finding the segment that still needs to be translated.
  • saving translation units in a data base – translation memory, TM. The previously translated parts of the text may be reused at all times which accelerates the translation process.